Touchstones Therapies - Spiritual Support in a Changing World
Colour Healing
Colour surrounds us. We only have to imagine a world drained of colour and presented in monochrome to realise the profound effect it has on our moods and emotions. I use colour healing tools such as coloured light, scarves, mandalas and essences alongside my crystals to enhance your healing. 

The beauty of colour healing is that it is easy to continue at home, as colour healing can be accessed through our clothes, our food, flowers and decor as well as through specialist tools.

Colour is such an integral part of our lives that we sometimes take it for granted, yet it has the power to heal us. When we are poorly we talk about being 'off colour' and from an energy point of view this is absolutely true. A clairvoyant may see illness in the aura and body as grubby, dull colours that haven't got the shining vibrancy of a healthy person. Read more 

Bespoke Colour and Gem Essences
These are prepared especially for you using carefully selected crystals. Gem and colour essences can be taken as drops internally, evaporated on crystals in a room or healing, swept through the aura using hands or a crystal, dropped on chakra points or rubbed on the pulse points. Bottles supplied will be all be stock bottle strength and so can be further diluted to make dosage bottles. This means a little can go a long, long way! Contact me via email or book a therapy session to discuss your requirements. Bespoke essences cost £20 including post and packing within the UK.

All information provided about therapies on this site is based on Lauren's personal beliefs, opinions and the reported experiences of her clients.