Touchstones Therapies - Spiritual Support in a Changing World
Gem and Colour Essences
Vibrational essences capture the energy signature of the thing they are made from. The best known are the Bach Flower Remedies, however there are now hundreds of others available from around the World, including other plant essences, gem essences, colour essences, channelled essences and astrological essences. I may also use essences in your energy field as part of your healing.

I prepare my own gem and colour essences. These work at a subtle energy level and are excellent for emotional and spiritual support. They are selected to support your progress through the period of therapy. If appropriate you may be given an essence to use between your therapy sessions.
Bespoke Essence Making Service
I offer a bespoke essence making service creating the perfect gem or colour essence just for you. Bottles supplied will be all be stock bottle strength and so can be further diluted. This means a little bottle can go a long, long way! Contact me to discuss your requirements. Bespoke essences cost £20 including post and packing within the UK.